Hello there! My name is Per and I am 48 years old and live in Sweden in the city of Örebro, with the beautiful nature of Kilsbergen to the west and Hjälmarens water to the east. I have always found a calm in the nature that I cannot find anywhere else. This has meant that I have always wanted to understand the nature and gain the knowledge in how I should behave to confident stay there under various conditions. This was strengthened after my military service, as we spent a lot of time in nature. Some years ago, I undergone a survival training course that gave me greater insight into how I should handle things if the worst happened to me when I am out on my exkursions. Photography is also a big interest that led me to filming and from 2007 to upload my first videos on to YouTube. I consider myself a beginner when it comes to photo and video, still learning so to speak. I use the namne Spruce Twig Photo from 2020. My goal with duenorth.se is not to say how people should do, but rather to show how I do things, so maybe, someone can get an idea from it, or perhaps I can learn something from you. My videos are currently in Swedish, but I hope that non-Swedish-speaking people can follow along in what I do. Please write and ask otherwise if you are wondering about something.
“I recommend the Survival Training course in Karlsborg” Click on the patch above for more information
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